FC Ohio ARES Membership

You have your FCC license and you want to contribute your skills, time and equipment to a worthwhile cause.  Join the Franklin County Ohio Amateur Radio Emergency Service organization and make a real difference in our community.  Here is further information on ARES.

Nationally ARES is registering all members at this site.  There are four or five point & click pages involved in the application.


At the top right of the page is a “CREATE ACCOUNT” button.  Read the instructions on each page.  Your name is your FCC issued call sign on the first page.  You will need to create an account and enter information related to your training and experience.  There are three training levels that everyone will be slotted into. 

Level one is for people that are new to ARES.  At Level One you will be able to work public service events such as marathons, bike outings, parades, etc.

Level Two requires that you successfully complete four FEMA ICS courses;  IC-100, IC-200, IC-700 and IC-800.  Once those courses are complete send a copy of your certificates to the FCEM&HS office and to franklincountyec@coares.org.  You move up to Level Two and you qualify to be avtivated if an emergency arises.

Level Three involves some additional training and qualifies you for an appointed position within the ARES organization.

If you are having difficulty signing up at https://arrl.volunteerhub.com/lp/oh/  print out the following form and mail it in.  We’ll help get you on board.

Franklin County Ohio ARES Membership Application